Sailing Sustainably with Crystal Cruises

At Crystal, it is our mission to always strive towards the pinnacle of excellence in every way, including our efforts toward sustainable practices aboard our ships and within our corporate culture. Through a comprehensive collection of initiatives, policies and programmes, we continue to make strides in offering the very best luxury travel experiences in the world in the most respectful and sustainable manner possible.

Preserve & Protect

We have discovered that simple, straightforward efforts make a significant impact.

Extensive efforts are made everyday aboard our Crystal ships to ensure that waste and other materials that are generated onboard leave little to no footprint on the environments we travel. We carry out onboard procedures and comprehensive recycling programs to help us mitigate and manage waste in the most responsible way possible in order to protect the world’s resources.

One of the most precious of these resources is of course, water. It is the foundation of all life on this planet and the source of all Crystal discoveries around the world. Here at Crystal Cruises, we are committed to preserving and supporting efforts to help protect the pristine waters for the ecosystems within them and for future exploration.

Water Conservation

To keep the adventure flowing,..

Conserving water and keeping it clean is paramount to ensuring a healthy planet to explore for many years to come.

How are we helping towards water conservation?

  • We provide low-flow showerheads in all guest and staff accommodations which reduce water consumption by 50 percent
  • Our eco-friendly water filtration systems make still and sparkling water in all beverage and dining venues,this replaces bottled water.
  • Our ships’ vacuum toilets are fitted to minimise the amount of flush water that is used.
  • Encouraging guests to reduce changes to linens and towels saves nearly 650,000 gallons of water each year
  • TBT-free paint is used for all underwater areas to protect the ecosystem and marine life

Waste Not

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Repeat.

We are minimising the use of plastics, utilising environmentally-conscious materials and recycling responsibly to ensure that waste is kept to the very minimum.

How are we helping towards decreasing waste?

  • Minimising the use of plastic bottles and other containers wherever possible, this includes our fleet-wide elimination of plastic drinking straws.
  • Our disposable plastic laundry, shoe-shine and dry-cleaning bags in suites, penthouses, and staterooms have been replaced with reusable cloth bags.
  • All recyclable materials are separated onboard and recycled by reputable companies in compliance with all applicable laws.
  • All glass is sorted by colour, and then offloaded for recycling, along with other non-biodegradable substances such as glass, aluminium, steel cans and plastics.
  • Printer cartridges, batteries and leftover soap and toiletries are collected and held onboard until the vessels are back in U.S ports that recycle these items.
  • We have made sure that LED lighting is installed throughout most areas on our ships.

Superior Standards from Shore to Ship

Responsibly supplying Crystal experiences with the very best

Crystal’s standard of excellence reaches from purchasing and providing the very best products to sourcing these products in the most responsible manner possible. Accordingly, our humanitarian and green interests are taken into consideration for every purchase we make and the guidelines we implement for our shoreside partners

  • Buying Local – We are happy to support the destinations our ships visit with tourism revenue, as well as procurement of local resources. Where possible, we prefer and encourage local spending on: Fresh fish; Fruits and vegetables; Speciality items; Tour Operators and guides; Transportation companies; Retail shops and Restaurants
  • Eco-Conscious Vendor Support – We ask all vendors seeking to partner with Crystal to provide documentation of their verifiable environmental efforts and to alert us to any new product offerings they may have which are more environmentally friendly
  • Ethical Quality Control – We strive to nurture business relationships with outside companies whose product and service ethics also mirror Crystal’s, such as French cosmetics company Caudalie, who now supply their sustainable bath products across the entire fleet of experiences

Itinerary Planning

At Crystal Cruises we create unforgettable voyages with care and consideration.

We have diligently covered and considered every detail of each itinerary, from optimum fuel efficiency and speeds when possible, and respectful use of destinations’ shoreside resources, to the ideal timing of each visit for our guests, ensuring that the experience is enriching for both our guests and the communities we visit.

Partners in Preservation

Global alliances in responsible practices

It’s imperative that the partners that we work with share our dedication to sustainability and responsible practices as we work together to share this wonderful world with travellers.

  • ORCA are experts in conservation and in protecting whales, dolphins and porpoises. ORCA’s principles closely align with ours and a partnership with such a well-renowned organisation has assisted us in learning about and preserving marine life in the oceans that we travel. Through our alliance with ORCA, we were fortunate enough for ORCA Cruise Conservationists to join us on two Crystal Symphony voyages which ignited interest for the welfare of these animals from our guests onboard.
  • CLEAN THE WORLD recycles, sterilises, and transforms partially-used soaps, shampoos, lotions and other products into personal cleaning products and distributes them to impoverished countries. This is able to prevent deaths that are caused by hygiene-related illnesses such as diarrheal disease and acute respiratory infections.

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