Luxury Iceland Expeditions with Crystal Endeavor

Iceland earns its nickname as the “land of fire and ice” with volcanic peaks rising mere feet from glacier-filled seas and soothing hot springs bubbling up from frozen ground and, more figuratively, with some of the warmest hospitality set a stone’s throw from the Arctic Circle. Crystal Endeavor’s newly announced Luxury Iceland Expeditions set sail through this majestic region this July, promising an adventure like no other. Here, there are not only breathtaking places and landmarks, but some perfectly wild encounters and experiences you’ll definitely want to capture.

We’re sharing some of the highlights on the wonderful journey that you will take through the Land of Ice and Fire aboard Crystal’s first expedition voyages.

Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavík, Iceland

Your expedition journey will begin in Reykjavík, where you will be able to enjoy an overnight stay within the icy tranquillity that Reykjavík has to offer. Reykjavík is isolated in a northern landscape where a land of volcanoes, hot springs, mountains and glaciers awaits you. As the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík reflects this natural diversity with ancient maritime history as well as a thriving modern energy and sophistication that you will be sure to fall in love with. Reykjavík is also the gateway to the iconic Blue Lagoon, which is located just outside of Crystal Endeavor’s home port of Reykjavík. The Blue Lagoon is a spectacular sight to behold. Vibrantly pale blue water steaming up from the earth, heated by the tectonic clash of sea water, fresh water and extreme heat and pressure. The Blue Lagoon is a place that will leave a lasting impression on you.

Látrabjarg Cliffs, Iceland

The crags of this rugged Westfjords promontory provide a perfect breeding environment for puffins, gannets, guillemots and razorbills. In fact, this towering bird cliff – Europe’s largest – is vital to the continued survival of its avian residents. Don’t try counting them; there are millions here. The colourful, comical puffins, offer the perfect photo opportunity as they are often seen with a short stack of sardines balanced in their beaks.

Dynjandi Falls, Iceland

Cascading in multiple levels like a powerful veil down a cliff, Dynjandi Falls (also known as Fjallfoss) is called the “Jewel of the Westfjords.” It’s fed by glacial melt, flowing into six other waterfalls farther down the remote mountainside, all of which are surrounded by trails and awe-inspiring views.

Stepping into a ‘Puffin Paradise’ in Hafnarhólmi, Iceland

Even in a country known for its prime puffin-spotting locales, this spot is a special sight. They’ve even built a special boardwalk here that brings you so close to these famously clownlike red-footed birds you can practically smell their breath (it’s fishy). Loads of other seabirds also feel at home in this stark Icelandic landscape including Arctic terns, known for boisterously protecting their nests. The Zodiac spin from our anchorage to the harbour provides another vantage point on it all.

Exploring the colourful town of Seydisfjörður, Iceland

Tucked deep inside a mountain-walled fjord, this colourful town would look right at home in Norway. The bright wooden houses, the wandering reindeer, barking seals, snow-dusted peaks and cascading waterfalls. But its 100% Icelandic, rich with outdoor adventures and home to a vibrant arts scene. Hiking in Skalanes Nature Reserve promises sightings of diverse wildlife, on land and in the air. The floating geothermal pools at Vok Baths spa are a luxury not to be missed. Kayaking’s great here, too.

Spending time at Rauðasandur beach located nearby Patreksfjörður, Iceland

Also known as “Red Sands Beach,” this remote stretch of gravelly sand differs from most beaches in Iceland, which are largely black. Thanks to pulverized scallop shells mixed with the rocks here, the sand hues reflect golden to pink and even red, depending on the light.

Your greatest adventure awaits you in your polar-class home away from home for your expeditions through Iceland, the ground-breaking ship, Crystal Endeavor will offer luxuriously elegant butler-serviced accommodation, sights of the star-filled night sky through the two-story Solarium, unmatched culinary options with flexible, open-seating dining in each of Crystal Endeavor’s six stunning venues and all the new Crystal memories you’ve been longing to make.

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