In the Spotlight – an interview with Anna Perrott

In today’s climate, there has never been a better time for a small ship experience. We use the word experience because small ship cruises are more than just a holiday. There are three key points which stand out with the small ship experience: Service, Destination& Experience. Though you would expect to get these points from a large cruise ship provider, small ship cruising goes the extra mile to turn your holiday into something 180 degrees from ordinary

Windstar’s 148-342-guest yachts and personalised  approach can bring you closer to each destination and every port. With a newly transformed fleet spending $250m enhancing their Star Plus Class we spoke to our UK & IRL Business Development Manager Anna Perrott to learn more:

Q: How have things been for you since starting?

A: I started at the very beginning of the pandemic back in March. I was in London and remember everyone talking about the C word, thinking this may cause a couple of issues. Little did I know what was going to happen! I was due to fly to Seattle to start my tour of the US learning about the brand and working with other BDM’s but the trip was cancelled. I was furloughed for a very short time but our VP of sales was keen to get me back talking all things yachts. I have spent many an hour on Zoom learning everything I need to know about the brand. It’s fantastic how Zoom revolutionised the way we communicate and even though I have been based from home I feel like I have met all the team in person. 

Q: What have you been doing during lockdown?

A: I tried out my DIY skills and converted my garage in to a pub! I haven’t been home this much in years and I wanted to have a space as a little getaway. My friends love it and very often get messages asking to book a table at “The Spanners Arms”

Q: What do you love about Windstar?

A: I have completely fallen in love with the brand since starting. It really does feel like a “family” and we try to keep that ethos on board as well as within the team. I really like the attention to detail on board whether that is a bar tender remembering your favourite drink or being able to go to the Bridge to have a chat with the Captain you really feel like you are sailing onboard a friend’s yacht. I especially love the onboard Watersports Platform on the stern. Here you can waterski, kayak or even chill out on the water trampoline which is completely complimentary. A bit of adventure on those lazy days in the sun.  

Q: How have agents taken to Windstar?

A: The response has been overwhelming! It’s great to speak to lots of agents about the brand and most are saying that their clients are wanting small ships/yachts and something low key which fits perfectly for us. We are completely trade only and we want to support travel agents as much as we can with incentives, training, FAM opportunities and their own reduced holiday rates.

Q: Any final words?

A: Please get in touch if you want to learn about the brand – it’s a really exciting time for us and hopefully we can shine some light in these somewhat doom and gloom times.

For more information about any Windstar Cruise, click here

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