Join our Crystal Cocktail cruise – Part two

We’ve had a smooth sailing across the Atlantic, and are ready for the second week of our cruise where we visit hot-spots in the US and Caribbean.

Things get a little more tropical this week as we sail from the US to the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal to South America, and across the Pacific to finish our voyage in Asia. Enjoy the voyage, and don’t forget to share your cocktail creations with us on our Social Media channels.

Our first stop is a bit of a diversion, as we are going a bit inland (we’re using virtual cruise artistic licence). The US state of Tennessee, whilst land locked is a popular pre or post cruise stop for lots of guests cruising in and out of New Orleans. Tennessee’s capital, Nashville is the home of country-music and of course, to a thriving bar scene where there are many fantastic cocktails to try. Our choice for today is a delicious whiskey cocktail – the Tennessee Highball. Just add some lemon, ginger ale and bitters for this classic creation.

From the US, we head across the Gulf to Mexico, home of Tequila. And what else could we make with Tequila but a classic Margarita. The Margarita is almost 70 years old now, and still as fresh as the day it was first enjoyed:

Want to visit Mexico? This Panama Canal voyage visits the best of the Mexican Riviera: Coastal Treasures | Crystal Serenity | 13 – 29 May 2022 | Miami to Los Angeles

Sailing out across the Gulf again, we stop on the Caribbean island of Cuba. Those Havana nights are synonymous with a delicious Mojito. For something a bit lighter, enjoy this alcohol free Cuban favourite:

For our next drink we head further into the blissful tropics of the Caribbean, across to Barbados. As you step ashore in Bridgetown you can enjoy beautiful botanical gardens and historical colonial architecture. Once you have worn yourself out and need a rest, head to one of the many beaches nearby and relax with this delicious creamy cocktail:

Not a fan of a creamy cocktail? Try this fruity alternative. The ever popular passion-fruit martini gets a “Mock-tini make over” in this easy to follow recipe:

A short hop across the Caribbean Sea from Barbados is Jamaica, and what better to drink on Jamaica than Rum. Try and get some Mount Gay rum for your Rum Swizzle cocktail, to make it authentically Jamaican:

Make Christmas 2021 a Caribbean one, on this two-week voyage from Miami: Caribbean Holiday | Crystal Serenity | 22 Dec 2021 – 5 Jan 2022 | 14-nights

Now we’re through the Panama Canal, we head south to Peru. This beautiful country is famed for his UNESCO sites, stunning mountains and colourful people and of course, the classic Pisco Sour. Which was ironically not invented in Pisco, but instead in the capital, Lima:

Make your way to UNESCO site Machu Pichu on this World Cruise sector sailing from Miami to Lima: Panama Canal to Peru | Crystal Serenity | 11 – 26 January 2023 | 15-nights

As we head across the Pacific ocean we can enjoy one of the most popular cocktails onboard Crystal Cruises, the citrusy Pink Flower, with a base of gin mixed with delicious pink grapefruit juice:

Our final stop on this Cocktail Cruise is Asia. Blending the delicious lychee fruit from China and the classic rice wine spirit, Sake from neighbouring Japan:

Explore the fascinating country of Japan in-depth on this 14-night Cultural Discovery Expedition: Japan’s Island Immersive | Crystal Endeavor | 15 – 29 May 2021 | 14-nights

And that concludes our Crystal Cocktail cruise. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have, and it’s inspired you to plan your next trip – for more inspiration, visit

Until next time – stay well and take care…

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