Travel inspiration from the comfort of your home

At Crystal, we know that now is an uncertain time. We may be spending more time at home than usual, and that holiday feeling seems a million miles away, but you may not be surprised to hear that in our office, we find holiday inspiration all around us, and now is no different.

We are watching a wealth of TV programmes that are currently fuelling our wanderlust and whilst we may have to plan for a bit further ahead than normal, but that doesn’t stop us getting ideas.

Whether you enjoy a pure travel documentary, or a food themed adventure; A lifestyle programme or to delve into the history of a country, we have rounded up a few of our favourites that are available now across different channels. We hope they inspire you as they have done us.

Of course, top of the list are the myriad of travel documentaries that are available to watch across all channels

One of our ‘go-to’ travel documentary makers is adventurer and journalist Simon Reeve – we don’t think there is a country he hasn’t visited – and his programmes are always interesting. Right now on BBC iPlayer, you can catch up on several of his ‘With Simon Reeve’ travel episodes, featuring:

The Americas – Indian Ocean – Mediterranean – Burma – Australia – Caribbean – Greece – Ireland – Russia – Turkey

Brand new to Tuesday nights on ITV is an exploration of the Caribbean with Joanna Lumley. This two part series – Joanna Lumley’s Hidden Caribbean – will feature Cuba and Haiti

Visit the Indian Ocean: OCS211108-13 – Mumbai to Singapore – From £3,434 per person
Visit Scotland: OCY210820-07 – Belfast to Dover – From £2,622 per person

Fancy a programme focused on the beautiful gardens of the world? Well look no further than the wonderful Monty Don for an insight to the different garden designs, country specific flora and hidden gardens from around the globe. On BBC iPlayer currently, you can watch his ‘Monty Don’s: Around The World In 80 Gardens’ series featuring:

Mexico & Cuba – South East Asia – Northern Europe – South Africa – The Mediterranean – China & Japan – The USA – India – Australia – South America 

Visit the USA: OCY211019-07 – New York City Roundtrip – From £2,164 per person
Visit Australia: OCS211206-15 – Perth to Auckland – From £4,228 per person

The foodies amongst us are spoilt for choice when it comes to cookery programmes from around the world. Our go to? Rick Stein. From his Grecian adventures to his Far Eastern Odyssey to his enviable trip from Venice to Istanbul. His newest programme ‘Rick Stein’s Long Weekends’ focuses on European cities and is our current must see. Find episodes on BBC iPlayer about:

Berlin – Vienna – Bologna – Lisbon – Copenhagen

Visit Vienna: RMH210728-04 – Vienna Roundtrip – From £2,337 per person
Visit Lisbon: OCS210322-22 – Cape Town to Lisbon – From £5,381 per person

Lifestyle programmes can cover just about any topic, but, as this is our travel inspiration list, our current obsession in the office is Race Across the World showing on BBC Two on Sunday nights. You may have watched series one last year where five teams raced from London to Singapore. The new series has just started with a new set of couples racing through Central & South America from Mexico City to Ushuaia – we already have our ideas of who will win!

Visit South America: OCY221115-10 – Caldera to Miami – From £2,366 per person

We love a good nature documentary, and the king of the genre, David Attenborough, delivers a fascinating look at the world in his ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ series. Find it on BBC iPlayer to discover:

Antarctica – Asia – South America – Australia – Europe – North America – Africa

Visit Antarctica: YEN211210-11 – Ushuaia Roundtrip – From £10,686 per person
Visit North America: YEN210712-11 – Vancouver Roundtrip – From £8,282 per person

Whilst travel planning is all about the future, its always fascinating to learn about the history of places you visit. Two of the most fascinating places to learn about, Greece and Egypt, are covered in a selection of programmes across all the channels. The two we have caught are: Secret’s of Egypt’s Valley of the Kings on All4, and Treasures of Ancient Greece on BBC iPlayer

Visit Egypt: OCY210424-18 – Dubai to Rome – From £5,335 per person
Visit Greece: YES221016-08 – Athens to Rhodes – From £5,691 per person

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