Featured Sailing: Palais to Palazzos

Each month we will be sharing with you a stand-out sailing and give you an insight into what you can do and see at the ports you will be stopping at (as well as some of our top tips!)

This month, we have chosen the ‘Palais to Palazzos’ voyage. 7-nights onboard the World’s Best, Crystal Serenity with a stunning itinerary around the Mediterranean, stopping at places that are filled with ancient history, quaint streets and picture-perfect scenery.

Day 1: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco is very small in size (just over two square kilometres) however, what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in luxury and style! Monaco oozes glamour throughout the year and as it is located in the French Riviera, it benefits from pretty good weather year-round. Visiting The Casino de Monte Carlo is a must – whether it’s to stop for a photo in front of its impressive facade or to throw the chips down, a visit cannot go amiss!

Recommendation from Beth, Sales and Marketing Assistant: Take a walk to the Casino where you can admire the ubiquitous display of super cars. Next to the casino you can take a wander around Golden Circle, which is a very popular shopping destination offering the most chic shops in Monaco – treat yourself, or just enjoy some window shopping.

Day 2: Rome, Italy

Rome is renowned for its ancient ruins, impressive places of worship, creative sculptures and architecture and of course, its fascinating history. In addition to this, Rome is celebrated for being the city of music, art and wine, so you can see why it is such a popular destination. Rome is also a foodie’s paradise- from world-class cuisine to casual trattorias, you will certainly be spoilt for choice. There is so much to do in Rome, we advise you make a plan before you stop here so you have time to fit it all in!

Recommendation from Elaine, Marketing Director: There is so much to see in this wonderful city – the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps and Trevi fountain and Vatican City to name but a few…

Day 3: Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento is a small city in the southern part of Italy, and is a lot less hectic than Rome! The town offers colourful character and you will notice that the locals in Sorrento lead a very laidback lifestyle. Wander down the quiet side streets and explore at your own leisure.

Recommendation from Natalie, Product Manager: When in Sorrento, I love to head up to the Piazza Tasso. This lovely square is surrounded with lovely restaurants and bars and is a great place to enjoy a coffee and get your bearings. From here, wander down any of the surrounding lanes and streets to find a wealth of boutiques, gelateria. For views over the beautiful Amalfi coast, head to the Sorrento Marina Look out point. Visited Sorrento before? Why not take the opportunity to explore the wider Amalfi region. You can take the hydrofoil over to the glamourous isle of Capri, or visit the fascinating archaeological sites of Pompei and its lesser known neighbour, Herculaneum.

Day 4/5: Taormina, Italy

Taormina balances on the forefront of a mountain and offers spectacular views, which you can enjoy best from behind the Church of St. Joseph. The streets are just as you would imagine they would be; narrow, cobbled and pastel-coloured houses. You will find that many shops down these narrow streets sell everything from antiques to handmade leather goods. Not only does Taormina offer breath-taking scenery, but it is also home to unspoiled beaches which are tucked away from the crowds (you do need to take a cable car to get to them).

Recommendation from Natalie, Product Manager: A must see when visiting Taormina is the ancient Teatro di Taormina. The ruins of this ancient Greek theatre are still used for performances today, but if you are not lucky enough to get a ticket for one of the summer concerts, this is still a great spot for breath-taking views over the bay of Naxos and even of Mount Etna. Another beautiful place to visit is the Park Giovanni Colonna – the Public Garden of Taormina. This small botanical garden is a haven on a hot day with wonderful shady walkways and small squares. A perfect place to relax.

Day 6: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Be prepared to step straight onto the set of a historical drama (or that’s what it will feel like when visiting Dubrovnik!). A historical city, where you can expect to see ornate arches, baroque splendour and medieval lanes. The world renowned, Game of Thrones TV series filmed several scenes here, and it’s very easy to see why – enjoy tours around set locations.

Recommendation from Elaine, Marketing Director: Walk the city walls – you will get amazing views and a real insight into the city and its history.

Day 7/8: Venice, Italy

Venice – renowned for being one of the world’s most enchanting cities, and a city that is indeed built on water. A must-see in this romantic destination is St. Mark’s Basillica, which is considered to be one of the finest squares in the world and a main attraction in Venice. Despite Venice being an extremely popular tourist destination, it is definitely one not to be missed. Take a stroll and you will find many hidden gems that are away from the bustling crowds, such as many restaurants serving authentic Italian cuisine.

Recommendation from Becca, Product and Marketing Executive: Take a gondola ride, and meander through central Venice as well as the quiet, side streets and passageways that are not visible from streets or water taxis. Enjoy the beautiful waterside views and make sure you have your camera at the ready!

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