The Most Inspirational 2021 Crystal Endeavor Itineraries

2021 Crystal Endeavor sailings are now on sale! So, we thought we’d talk about the most inspirational itineraries taking place during Crystal Endeavor’s first full year of adventure…


This itinerary features a trip to Wineglass Bay, an area which will henceforth be limited to cruising… so grab the chance while you can!

8 March – 24 March 2021

Christchurch – Kaikoura – Dunedin – Stewart Island – Milford & Doubtful Sound – Doubtful & Dusky Sound – Bluff – Cruising the South Pacific – Hobart – Maria Island & Wineglass Bay – Flinders Island – King Island – Phillip Island & Melbourne – Melbourne

Whether whale watching off the coast of Kaikoura or people watching along the bustling boulevards of Melbourne, you’re assured an abundance of memorable sights on this expedition through Tasmania, Victoria and New Zealand. Windswept bird islands lined with mountain peaks are an adventurist’s delight, where tropical parakeets and parrots fly about the forest canopy and penguins mingle with sea lions on the beaches. On Stewart Island, explore the sparkling bays and lush forests on invigorating hikes, and marvel at the “Sound of Silence” as you transit Doubtful Sound in the UNESCO-listed Fiordland National Park.

Charismatic cosmopolitan vibes can be found in Dunedin, Lyttelton and Melbourne, where striking architecture punctuates lovely avenues brimming with feasts for all the senses – from world-class seafood to endless views of the coastline and beyond.


What could be more inspiring than the UNESCO-listed haven of Turquoise Bay, rife with clown fish, moray eels, sea turtles, whale sharks and bottle-nose dolphins?

3 – 16 April 2021

Perth – Jurien Bay – Abrolhos Islands – cruising the coast of Australia – Turquoise Bay – cruising the Indian Ocean – Christmas Island – Ujung Kulon National Park – Ujung Kulon National Park & Krakatoa Volcano – Jakarta – cruising the Java sea – Singapore (overnight)

Beckoning nature lovers with a penchant for sun-drenched beaches, secluded lagoons, volcano hikes and curious wildlife, this journey is brimming with adventure. Australia’s Jurien Bay and Abrolhos Islands are a maze of islets, reefs and atolls ideal for snorkelling and scuba.

Above the water line, trek among flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world on Christmas Island, where cultural influences from Asia and Europe create an intriguing atmosphere. Explore Java, where Ujung Kulon National Park and the infamous Krakatoa Volcano strike awe in their ethereal beauty, and the spirited marketplaces of Jakarta before spending a night immersed in the dazzling skyline of Singapore.


Take a journey once made only by history’s boldest explorers…

17 August – 15 September 2021

Anadyr – Provideniya – Cape Dezhnev & Uelen Village – Kolyuchin Island – Wrangel Island – Ayon Island – Medvezhiy Islands – cruising the East Siberian Sea – Lyakhovsky Island – Stolbovoy – cruising Laptev Sea – Cape Chelyuskin – Severnaya Zemlya – Franz Josef Land – Novaya Zemlya – cruising the Barents Sea – Kanin Cape – Arkhangelsk – Solovetsky and Zayatsky Island – cruising the White Sea – Murmansk – Honningsvåg – Tromsø

Crystal Endeavor journeys through the High Arctic, navigating the northern-most realms of Russia and Norway. Discover the regions of Wrangel and New Siberian Islands which were once roamed by mammoths, and Franz Josef Land, guarded by polar bears and populated by Arctic foxes, walrus, seals and thousands of sea birds.

Marvel at glacier-carved mountain peaks towering over Severnaya Zemlya, the last charted place on Earth, and reflect upon the pilgrimage of those who once flocked to the holy monastery on Solovetsky Island. Ayon Island greets with warm local hospitality on an icy tundra rarely seen by travellers. This epic expedition includes a one-night, pre-cruise luxury hotel stay in Anchorage, Alaska, and a flight to from Anchorage to Anadyr, Russia, where the transit begins.


Let Japan’s waterfalls and volcanoes enchant you on this nature discovery voyage.

29 May – 12 June 2021

Osaka – Toba – Shimizu – Tokyo – cruising the coast of Japan – Hakodate – Kushiro – cruising the Nemuro Strait & Shiretoko Peninsula – Abashiri – Korsakov (overnight) – Wakkanai – Otaru (overnight)

Wonders of nature reign over this intensive expedition through the islands of Japan. From the flowing waterfalls and volcanoes cloaked in forest on the Shiretoko Peninsula to the contrasting ice floes and wildflowers in Abashiri, Japan’s coastlines are gateways to some enchanting adventures. Explore the convergence of Japanese and Russian cultures in Wakkanai and Korsakov, where road signs and architecture cross national boundaries.

Walk along gas lamp-lit avenues in Otaru’s canal district, sampling the local cuisine and immersing yourself in the historic harbour town. Mount Yotei and Mount Hakodate invite adventurists to their summits with invigorating trails and reward them with sprawling views. Throughout the journey, world-class seafood is showcased in distinct styles of the many fishing villages and towns.

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